As a wedding guest, make sure you are appropriately dressed!

Being invited to a wedding should be a great honor for anyone. After all, you have been invited not only to party and eat delicious food (which are, of course, among the most amazing perks of going to weddings) - but you have also been invited to be part of your friends’ or relatives’ love story, and that’s huge!

How do you make sure you are appropriately dressed for the Big Day? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

·         Read the invitation. Most often, the invitation will give you information on what the dress code is. If you are not very sure of what the dress code actually means, make sure to do a bit of research. And if you’re not very certain about it once you’ve done your research too, remember that being overdressed is much better than being underdressed…or you can simply just ask the bride or groom.

·         Don’t wear white. No, this is a complete no-no, especially since most brides still wear white on their wedding day. Also, keep in mind that it is not completely okay to wear white at any of the pre-wedding parties either, so stay on the safe side and wear anything but the bride’s color (unless the dress code says it’s an “all-white” event, of course).

·         Yes, you can wear black. Some people say black is too grim for a wedding – but the truth is that this stays the most elegant, sophisticated and safe color for formal events (and for the informal ones too). So, if you want to wear black, feel free to do it!

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