These lighting décor elements will illuminate your event gorgeously

Few wedding décor elements are as important and as game-changing as lighting – so if you’re wondering as to whether or not you should invest in quality lights, we highly suggest you do. Believe us, it can make the entire difference!


What are some wedding lighting ideas brides and grooms really love these days? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.



·       Sparklers. Want to make for a fabulous ceremony exit? Ask your guests to light up sparklers as you walk out of your wedding as husband and wife. It will look gorgeous in the pictures!


·       Paper lanterns. For a playful, whimsical and magical effect, use paper lanterns to decorate an outdoor wedding or a tent wedding. Pick them in the same color as your wedding scheme for an elegant décor, or in a multitude of colors for a more youthful effect.


·       Suspended lighting. If you want your wedding lighting to be truly elegant and classy, choose suspended lighting options. From hanging candle holders and Mason jars, to really fancy suspended lights, there’s a myriad of options for virtually every type of wedding out there.


·       Letter lights. If you are one of the brides whose wedding is going to be modern and playful, you could use letter lights to send out a message. It can be something cute and simple, such as “love” written right above the sweethearts’ table, or it can be something funny, romantic or simply something that represents you as a couple.


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