Don’t forget to ask your wedding cake designer these top questions

Your cake should be flawless. From its looks, to its taste, everything about your wedding’s main sweet treat should reflect who you are, what your wedding is all about and, more than anything, it should be a true delight – for the eye, and for the taste buds as well.

Obviously, finding a talented cake designer to work with is crucial if you want your cake to be really amazing. But what are the main questions to ask before signing a contract? Read on to find out more!

·         The logistics. You will be surprised to hear this, but some bakeries provide transportation for the cake, while others expect you to arrange this yourself. Ask about this to be 100% on the safe side and take adequate measures!

·         The date. Most of the in-demand bakeries will work on multiple weddings at once. This means that some of them will prepare cakes with a few days in advance, so that they are absolutely certain the work will be done by the time the wedding day comes. Ask about this and remember: the closer the “finish date” is to your wedding day, the better the cake will be.

·         The team. Unless you have opted for a very small cake business to work on your wedding’s sweet treat, you should expect multiple people to work on your cake (bakers, designers, and so on). Learn more about this team, so that you know how to communicate with them.

·         The price. Naturally, you want to know the price for your wedding cake too. Generally speaking, knowing how much a slice is worth will allow you to do the math – but keep in mind: there may be extra-fees, so be sure to ask about them as well!

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