Be sure to have a song for these wedding reception events:

Your wedding reception should be meaningful, fun and truly unforgettable – and while food, décor and other elements are all crucial, the music you play for the most important wedding reception events is absolutely essential too.

What are these moments? Read on and find out more.

·         The entrances. Both you and your VIP guests will want to make a grand entrance at the wedding, so it is important to choose adequate songs for these moments. The Parents’ Entrance, the Bridal Party Entrance and the Bride and Groom Entrance should all accompanied by songs that are meaningful for your relationship with these people, as well as for your own love story.

·         The special dances. You will surely want guests to have fun and spend a lot of time on the dance floor at your wedding reception. Before that, though, make sure you choose beautiful songs for the special dances: the First Dance, the Last Dance, the Father Daughter Dance, and the Mother Son Dance. These are all unique moments, so don’t rush when deciding on the songs that will accompany them!

·         The extras. Depending on what exactly you want at your wedding, you might also have to choose a Cake Cutting song, as well as a Bouquet Toss and/or Garter Toss song. In general, these songs are more fun-oriented , so we suggest you pick something more upbeat and energetic. However, the decision is entirely yours – this is your wedding after all!

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