Be sure to choose the most appropriate music for your venue

Your wedding venue will dictate a wide range of wedding-related choices – your music being one of the most important! What are some of the essential things every couple should know about choosing the right music for their venue? We have gathered the best tips to keep in mind in regards to this – so read on and find out more.

·         First of all, if you plan on having a religious wedding ceremony, remember that your religious site may not allow all types of music to be played at weddings. For example, the traditional Bridal March may be forbidden by some religions, due to its association with an ill-fated wedding’s story.

·         Also, it is worth keeping in mind that certain churches may only have an organ or a piano inside – so, if you want to make for a truly grand entrance, you might want to consider hiring a string quartet or another band. Doing this will add fullness and grandeur to your wedding ceremony music.

·         Furthermore, even if you do plan on having your ceremony in a secular location, remember that the minister may have the right to refuse certain songs at the wedding – so make sure to discuss this with him/her first.

·         In other secular places, the music may be limited by the space itself. For instance, some outdoor weddings may only allow for instruments that do not depend on electricity and can be easily carried (e.g. guitars, harps, and so on).

Regardless of the type of wedding band you are searching for, Avalon Music can definitely help you out! Come visit us, take a look at the musicians we have gathered here and hire them for your Big Day – they will help you build truly memorable moments!


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